Step inside this globe full of great experiences! This great eyecatcher will be the centrepiece of your event. Happy Rent owns the exclusive dealership rights for the patented JBL Snowglobes® in Europe and is the rental company with the most experience with these Snowglobes. Have a look at the video below to get a impression our snowglobes. 


The Snowglobe is a very effective way to expand your brand recognition if you use some of our extra services. Make the whole experience unforgettable and make sure people will remember your brand every time they think of the snowglobe. The same snowglobe have been rented by businesses like Vodafone, Disney, BBC and even a Shopping Centre in Dubai. The Snowglobe can be used in Shopping malls, company party

- Decoration Package
Within this package are several decoration pieces that can bo chosen to be used to decorate the snow globe on the inside. We have several Santa Clauses with different sizes, a reindeer, some christmas trees and a lot off other things. We are constantly looking for new pieces to add to our package, contact our customerservice to ask what is currently in our decoration package.

- Photo Service 
Our photo service can make pictures of all of your guest that visit the snowglobe and can print them within minutes or upload them directly to facebook. It is also possible to print your logo or brand name on the photo.

- Our Staff
We never let out our snowglobes without the presence of our own personnel. They will build up and break down the snowglobe before and after use and guide guest in and out the globe during use. 

- Branding options
The backdrop of the globe and the blue 'skirt' around the platform can be completly changed to your design. 


Our website is complete written in either dutch or german as we operate from the south of the Netherlands, close to the german border. Our customer service speaks English and can help you with all your questions you may have regarding the snowglobe or other products. You can always call us during office ours (also on saturday and sunday) on +31 85 002 0026 or send us an e-mail to